Supreme Grey goes surfing in Newquay!

The supreme grey is ever so slowly revealing itself to my world (slowly for my standards and I am massively forthright – or impatient when out of balance with myself). My sparkling blue eyes cannot wait for its sparkling silver gemstones to compliment their sea blue sparkle. 
Am I fully embracing my inner and outer beauty? yes I bloody well am and so I should – too long have I hidden in the shadows of my own judgement, bum to hiding.  And I encourage you all to fully embrace every single authentic aspect of yourself because the universe wants to see the real you and I want to see the real you.  It is truly magnificent and that authenticity will encourage those around you to do the same.

When I realised that I was going to never cover my grey hair again (obviously I’ll wear a hat from time to time but only if I can rip it off so dramatically and swing my silver locks like in the L’Oreal adverts). I did not realise who I would discover. My true self, true Jennifer, she is a white wave,…

Supreme Grey and Body Hair 23/01/2018

Hello everyone, so this journey I am on of letting my grey hair bleed out of my scalp has been interesting this week. I wanted to share a little research I did on the whys of grey hair and also a beautiful revelation that filled my heart with love (I love it when that happens). Why we go grey and what happens to our hair when the colour drains away. Oh and bit of sweaty info on BODY HAIR.
Why we go grey and what unifies us ALL There is a gene called IRF4 (very catchy) that has been identified as being linked to the greying effect of hair. There is definitely a genetic link but obviously as with everything scientific there is always the exception where being struck by lighting for example can result in a full white head of hair. The production of melanin causes the wide variety of colours of hair – blond, red, black, brown etc… but most importantly for me anyway is that when this production stops, when melanin slows down and takes a rest in it’s big lazy grandpa arm chair do you kno…
About me My name is Jen, I am 31 years old and I live in the multicoloured city of Bristol and I was born here. I am a single mum to my eight year daughter and I work in a genetics laboratory. These are my stats right, the basic stuff that people should know so we are clear. But I would describe myself currently as a pulsing with love woman, peaceful one minute and a blubbering butterfly the next. All this feels completely exhilarating of course, as if I am being reborn (not that I can remember what it was like being born) but that sounds fitting. I am in the midst of a spiritual awakening, swimming through the fog of confusion with blasts of clarity one minute and then bursts of pain and despair the next. This is all normal apparently when someone is experiencing a twin flame awakening. However, this journey is about me ultimately which is so freeing to say, it is all about me ok!!!! I am a selfish, bossy self obsessed, crazy female – only joking, I’m an angel.
I share this from m…